How exercise is good for joints with arthritis

Exercise can help those with joint pain by building the muscles around the moving areas, allows the body to naturally produce lubricate around the joints, increases the movement of ligaments, and increase bone durability.

When people with arthritis exercise, they increase movement to ease joint pain. Those who do this have increased strength and flexibility. It can combat fatigue and build endurance as well.

Longer workouts are not necessarily the goal, but it is good to have a range of motion when moving. Wider motion for the neck, shoulders, elbows, back, hips, and knees are great places to start.

Ways exercise is beneficial for the body

It’s been said that “motion is lotion” for your joints. The rule of thumb is to keep moving if you want your joints to be and feel healthy. Here are ways exercise is beneficial for the body:

1. exercise strengthens the muscles

When you move, the muscles strengthen around the ligaments and joints. Moving too much can make it hurts worse than it did before — just a little will do.

2. exercise gives Natural joint lubricant

Natural joint lubricant happens when you move more often. When left stationary, the body has a harder time producing this lubricant.

3. exercise strengthens ligaments

The ligaments become stronger as you move more often. This is important because these are the building blocks for muscles and joints.

4. exercise strengthens bones

The more you exercise, the stronger your bones become. Heavier weight can increase the durability of bones. Along with a healthy diet, working out can increase bone health.

Beneficial exercises

yoga and arthritisDoing a 30-minute movement session per day will help the joints feel better. Here are some of the best exercises you can do to help your joints:

1. Yoga

Gentle movement and intentional breathing that yoga brings are great for those with arthritis. Yoga gives a range of motion that the body needs.

2. Swimming

This is a low-impact workout is great because about 90 percent of the body is supported by the water, Thus, letting the body move freely without the hindrance of gravity. Further, the resistance of the water increases muscle strength.

3. Pilates

Similar to yoga, pilates gives a range of motion that’s good for the body. Do this exercise if you want to increase abdomen and back muscle strength.

4. Walking

Just getting out for a walk is great for the body. The goal is to intentionally move the body so joints don’t hurt with a lack of movement.

5. biking

A bike will move the ankles, knees, hips, and lower back — all places where arthritis can hurt patients. Move these to help with pain the next day.

6. Gardening

As humorous as it sounds, gardening can help arthritis. Being on your knees, bending over, and using hands and elbows will loosen the joints. Just don’t over-do it.

When you’ve exercised too much

Joints with arthritis can hurt. When joints are used a lot during the day, it can create a painful or burning feeling — especially in the morning. If you experience this after exercising too much, you may want to tone it back a little.

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